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E-Flyers are primarily designed for social media advertising purposes and are specifically formatted for online use.


Flyers can be but not limited to:

• Informational Flyers

• Promotional Flyers

• Event Flyers

• Basic Product Flyers (doesn't include product or service lists)



If you require printed flyers, please indicate the size you need when placing your order.


Take advantage of our special offer of 2 e-flyers for the price of 1 at $65. Please note that this promotion does not cover motion graphics or product lists such as hair extension prove lists. 


What's Next Since I've Placed My Order? 

Upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours and an email titled, "TSS Creative Studio: E-Flyer Questionnaire," kindly, fill out the form in its ENTIRETY with all the necessary details listed below.


This helps us streamline our workflow and ensure timely completion of your project, please see the needed information below.

Please note - all information is copied and pasted onto your graphic, meaning, what you submit will be what's on your flyer. 


- Business Name
- Professionally Made PNG Business Logo File
- Preferred Color Scheme
- High-Quality, Professional & Unfiltered Photos
- Well-organized Information for the Flyer (all information must be typed out) 
- Social Media Handles, Business Contact Details, Pricing, etc.
- Any Reference Examples for Design Inspiration


I Can't Find The Follow Up Email: 

If you cannot locate the email please search the title, "TSS Creative Studio: E-Flyer Questionnaire," in your search bar and check your spam and filtered folders. 


If you haven't received the email upon 48 hours of placing your order, please email, 


Thank you for your attention to these guidelines.

Digital Flyers

  • Rush orders aren't available at this time 

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