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It’s 2022 ladies! Let’s get our eyebrow game up and down packed.

Let’s go from blurry and unclear to CRISP AND SHARP as a knife! It’s plenty of tutorials and yet the one thing I always hear ladies say is that they still don’t know how to do their brows the correct way! Now let’s face it, with makeup there technically isn’t a “correct way” as there are thousands of different ways to slay a face BUTTT there is a way that looks good and that doesn’t. 


So I’m here to help😊 my first online course will be available for only $25 ‼️ You don’t want out on this! 


This detailed tutorial will include: 

▪︎ Eyebrow shaping 

▪︎ Eyebrow concealing 

▪︎ How to choose the correct concealer shade  

▪︎ How to achieve a natural brow that can be worn for any occasion


All for $25! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend 🥰💕 

Eyebrow Tutorial

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